Melon City Bike Club Events

There will be three different sources of upcoming events posted on this site:

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Club (Melon City Bike Club) hosted events:     These are events that are typically reoccurring club events.  Velo-gourmet,  Century Ride, Club meetings, RAGBRAI, Criterium, etc.  These will be inputed by officers or event chairman.  They will reside in MCBC Facebook Page (events).  You will see this graphic attached to the event.

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Member (Melon City Bike Club) hosted events:  These are events that individual members plan on a more impromptu basis.  This could include Saturday Rides, holiday rides, special trail rides, etc.  The input for these is done by a member and will reside on MCBC Facebook Group (events).  You will see the hosts picture or avatar attached to the event.


Events via               This link is the event page from   The event chairmen can post to this site.