Welcome to the Melon City Bike Club (MCBC) home page.  The headlines on this page will focus on important and timely issues of the Melon City Bike Club.  This would include recent major rides, election of officers, upcoming races, RAGBRAI, etc.  

Again, these are the headlines.  The content will reside elsewhere so this page does not become to overburdened  In most cases, just click on the headline to go to the information. 

Our goal is to use this website and Facebook resources to present an informative and interactive experience for MCBC members.  



Join the Melon City Bike Club Facebook Group      Be able to share photos, videos and files, add upcoming events, do surveys, posts, member look-up as well as send out group emails.  All of this activity from the friendly confines of the Melon City Bike Club Facebook group.  Click for more information.

Have you updated your membership for 2013? If you missed the January, meeting, it is time to renew your MCBC membership for 2013.  If you are planning to register for RAGBRAI or the Facebook Group, being a current member is required.  For the application (required) click on the link.

Sign-up deadline for the MCBC RAGBRAI charter is nearing.

MCBC officers for 2013 elected at annual meeting on January 10th at Happy Joes.   

The MCBC Racing Team

Sign up to be a corner marshal at Melon City Criterium

Even if you aren't available, use sign-up sheet to inform corner marshal chairman.

Before you ride, check the weather...