Melon City Bike Club YAHOO Group

No, this is not a bunch of cowboys in the riding group, but instead a means for members to be able to send/receive messages about the latest rides, news, events for members of the Melon CIty Bike Club.

MCBC uses Yahoo Groups to allow users to post information about their events, meetings, activities, rides, and any bicycling issues. There are two key rules to follow:

  • PLEASE do not use this group to issue statements on politics (bicyclists are forced to lean both right and left to get where they want to go), religion, shady jokes, or any anti-social comments.  
  • Also do not use the group address to communicate one on one with another member.  Everyone in the club will get to enjoy your conversation.  Send directly to that member's email address.

How do I sign up?

There are two ways to get signed up:

Don't want a YAHOO account, then send an email to     When you do this, you will get an automatic email asking if you really did request this. This method keeps someone from signing you up for groups you don't want to be in.

In both methods the moderator will need to approve your request before you can start using the group. This usually happens within a day or so.  Please be sure to put your real identity in the message so we know who is requesting the account.

Once you are officially approved, you can post messages to the group by addressing your emails to    You will also begin receiving any messages sent to the group.

What are the differences

If you sign up for the YAHOO account, you can post messages from the Yahoo website or by sending email to     If you sign up for the YAHOO account, you will have viewing access to any of the previous messages sent to the group.

If you choose NOT to signup for a Yahoo account, you can still send messages to the group addressed to: ; but you WILL NOT have access to the Yahoo website or any of the previous messages sent to the group.

This is a great way to broadcast messages to the entire Melon City Bike Club about upcoming rides, activities, meetings and the like.  Please consider joining!