NOW you can post photos to an MCBC's easy! 

Nearly everyone has a digital camera.   Whether it's on their phone, or ipad, ipod, or as a standalone camera, it is available to capture the fun and excitement of a MCBC ride.  It's so easy today to take a picture to share with others.

So why is the MCBC site so devoid of ride photos?  

Now you can easily post your pictures to the Melon City Bike Facebook Group and combine with other member's pictures of the same ride or event.  These will be viewable by all group members and select photos from each ride will be available for general viewing by anyone. 

Some key reminders on pictures:

  • We are a bicycle riding group.  So try to have about 50% of your ride pictures show people riding a bike.  
  • Avoid multiples of the same shot.  Find and send the best one and send it.
  • Try to include everyone who attended the ride, even it not a MCBC member.  Obviously, RAGBRAI is an exception.
  • Comment on each picture and tag the people, if possible.
  • Detailed instructions are in the Photo/Albums pull-down menu.
  • Of course, all photos must meet the terms and conditions of Facebook.

You must be a member of the Melon City Bike Club Group to upload pictures.  Click link to join!